Project Management

Our experts handle every part of the process, including acting as project manager. We do all the work to save you all the hassle. As your project manager, we’ll help you understand the detailed costs of your project from start to finish.

A dedicated project manager means you only have to interact and communicate your ideas with one person. Allow us to seamlessly manage the project; our experienced team is equipped to handle every aspect with precision and expertise. We are committed to assisting you in transforming your envisioned renovation into tangible reality—an investment that will yield returns in the future.

From architectural designs and layouts to obtaining permits and navigating legal requirements, all the way through actual building and renovation work, we handle every step of the process!

Over the years, our reputation has grown thanks to our extensive experience. We are committed professionals dedicated to delivering the best possible results for you. We take our work seriously. Furthermore, we offer consultancy services, please call us at Tel. (310)-984-9398 and make your appointment. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at, where you’ll learn everything you need to know about the ADU process—from planning and permitting to design and construction.

Whether you’re looking to generate rental income, enhance the resale value of your property, or create new private spaces for your family, reach out to us, and we’ll expertly guide you through the process.

These property modifications are designed to make it easier for families to find a housing solution that works for them. So, if you’re considering this option, contact us at 310-984-9398. We specialize in legally converting your garage into livable space or a second housing unit to your property.

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