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Now More Than Ever, And We’ll Tell You Why

In California, finding suitable housing can be quite a challenge for families. With constantly changing and growing family needs, finding accommodation that fits their requirements can be complicated.

But here’s some good news! The government has been making some changes to help out. They’ve been promoting legislation regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which are like small additional houses on your property.

The approval timeline for ADU permits integrated into both single-family and multifamily residences previously extended up to 120 days, representing a considerable duration. However, there has been a significant improvement. Cities across the state of California are now mandated to render approval or denial within a 60-day window upon receiving the application. This expedited process plays a pivotal role in streamlining ADU projects, as the acquisition of permits is a prerequisite for commencing construction activities within legal bounds.

These property modifications are designed to make it easier for families to find a housing solution that works for them. So, if you’re considering this option, contact us at 310-984-9398. We’re TheAduGuys, and we specialize in legally converting your garage into livable space or adding a second housing unit to your property.

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