ADU Laws and Regulations

ADU’s benefit communities by adding more housing units while maintaining the character of a neighborhood. ADU’s are more affordable to build than other types of housing, such as single-family homes, because they do not require buying new land. The Ultimate Guide to ADUs in California.

At TheAduGuys we’ve compiled our years of experience building prefab structures into The Ultimate Guide to ADU’s in California. Accessory Dwelling Units are self-contained, smaller living units that are located on the lot of an existing single-family home. Specific laws and guidelines govern ADU’s, and the laws can vary based on municipality.

California Law and Regulations

New California state laws make it easier than ever to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or backyard home. At TheAduGuys, we take care of everything from permits to site prep, construction and installations.

Design. Permits. Build. Install. We handle it all. We want to provide the best solution for you and your home. Not only that, but we are committed that your new project will last for many years to come, rest assured that we will take care of it. Below you will find our varied services.

Grow your space with affordable home additions through ADU’s. We have huge experience in the ADU space and have helped many of our clients by transforming their current house into their dream space with ADU additions. Each ADU we create is custom-built and tailored to your specific needs by our trusted team of engineers.

Don’t worry, we will guide you from the moment you decide to contact us through our direct means of communication. We provide consultancy services, give us a call. Tel. (310)-984-9398 or Contact Us: and you’ll learn everything you need to know about the ADU process – from planning and permitting to design and construction.

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